Fast and efficient paint stripping.

Thermal paint stripping

The dimensions of our pyrolysis furnaces are:

Length: 6,00 m
Height: 2,50 m
Width: 2,45 m

Final cleaning of parts

After the thermal process, the stripped devices are cleaned of ash residues by abrasive shot blasting or other chemical or mechanical processes. If necessary, the parts can be passivated afterwards.

What is thermal paint stripping used for?

Thermal paint stripping is ideal for devices with very thick paint layers or for temperature-resistant parts.

Pyrolysis process

In thermal stripping, we work with temperatures above the gasification point of the paint to be stripped. The process is carried out under reduced oxygen concentration (pyrolysis) to avoid deformation of the material. In this way we transform the organic components of the paint into ash, with controlled temperatures.

Let one of our specialists find a solution for your company.

We are a company specialized in industrial cleaning and paint stripping in metallic or plastic parts.


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